Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Fuck all you nappy-headed hoes

Via Takimag, Kathy Shaidle shares an interview Adam Carolla did with some guy who observed, as I have long done, that black people in America seem to accept a stifling culture of conformity.  I noticed this in the mid-90s, when one army friend who was black referred to another black dude as a "damn Tom" because the latter was a fan of death metal.  I liked the latter dude, he was lanky and interesting.  I think it was he who first introduced me to Anal Cunt.

Think about it: except for Rastas, there are no African-American equivalents to the beatniks and goths, mods and rockers, skins and Teds, punks and new romantics, hippies and hipsters or (God help us) Juggalos

Fuck all you boring, conformist, cowardly, dead people out there, whatever your skin tone, political leaning, or sexual orientation.

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