Sunday, March 16, 2014

explain to me slowly again why exactly Russia is "our" enemy

The Muslim Turks who live in Crimea support the EU/US backed attempt to thwart the will of the majority Russian region and keep Crimea joined to a European-oriented Ukraine.

And it looks like the US is back to not only pre-911 thinking, but a pre-1991 approach where the US feels comfortable using jihadis as proxies to fight its wars -- Islamism and the spread of sharia warrants a shrug and a "meh," and while not necessarily embraced is clearly not as big a deal as whatever the bigger world political issue happens to be (in this case, the fight against "our" enemy, who embrace nationalism, oppose multiculturalism, oppose the EU, oppress the freedom fighting Chechnyans, and most importantly, squash the rights of Pussy Riot to conduct lesbian street theater inside orthodox cathedrals).

I guess McCain, Rubio, Obama, Hillary Clinton, or anyone else who considers Russia "our" enemy (and, I assume, supports the EU's massive historical project of undoing that little thing of European nationality, which while I guess gave the world some nice art and stuff also gave rise to Hitler, worst guy ever) have to explain to me slowly again why exactly Russia is "our" enemy.  I know they were the enemy back pre-1991 when the US was in the mid-to-late stages of sloughing off its character as a Judeo-Christian constitutional republic based on individual freedom and civic responsibility and consisting of people from the historic American nation, descended from Europeans and revitalizing itself periodically with new injections from that ancient continent, and when the USSR was a communist country which advanced trans-nationalism, opposed free enterprise and private property, and allied itself with Muslim countries against US allies like Israel.  Even I guy I normally like such as Krauthammer, while offering what is predictably quite sound and well-considered advice on how "we" can deal with the actions of "our" opponent Russia, does not address the bottom line question: why should an American citizen support the US/EU against Russia at this moment of history?  Why should we want to "stop" Putin?  I want European nationalism to advance, and the HIV of multiculturalism and the caposi sarcoma of Islamism to be halted.  Pat Buchannan does ask the right questions.  

Today, roles have pretty much reversed from the middle of the 20th century, and today the US is a country that disdains its historical people and holds to multiculturalism as a religious article of faith not to be opposed by anyone anywhere on the political spectrum, that advances transnationalism, a country where private property rights are whithered away, the constitution is deemed an impractical relic to be gotten around by shysters and sophists, so that whatever the new agenda is can drive on unobstructed by the will of the people.  Russia is now a European power with its historic grandeur firmly in memory, devoted to avoiding demographic collapse of its historic people, preserving the Church and traditional values, and opposing the EU project of destroying the European nations.  So tell me again, why are they "our" enemy?  Apparently it has nothing to do with democracy, because in Ukraine the democratically-elected leader was deposed by a mob of his opponents, and now the people of Crimea are being allowed to decide for themselves in a referendum.  Is it because I live in, say, Seattle, so that when Alex Rodriguez is traded from the Mariners to the Rangers he goes from being "our" guy to "them"?  So it's like you cheer for whatever sports jersey people wear in your town, regardless of who is wearing it?  I happen to live in the US, therefore whatever policy the US is currently pursuing is my policy, as evidenced by the fact that "my" countrymen (never mind what numbers of these have been imported from third world countries specifically for the purpose of undercutting the will of those already here and shifting elections) elect a guy who pursues what are now "my" agendas?  No, it's over.  It's been over, Obama did not do this, Obama is merely an indicator.  An Obama can come to power here, that's it.  Of course he did not do this, because he's never done anything besides create that idiotic website that costs trillions of dollars and doesn't work, his only "accomplishments" in life are being advanced by adoring adults from one position to the next and told how clever he is.  So no, Obama is a symptom, not a cause.  We have to go deeper, and that is the project of the neoreactionaries, and of Diana West (whose book "Betrayal" should have been listed among the events of the year in Neoreactionism).

Fuck you Hillary, fuck you Rubio, fuck you Lena Dunham, fuck you Shiela Jackson Lee, fuck you Jon Stewart