Thursday, August 14, 2014

Here are the websites you can go to

Here is the question I posed:

"what are the websites I can start looking at with regularity so that I can broadend my horizon and stop going to just the same 10 websites every day?  Where can I go for news besides Drudge?"

Here is the start of a list in no particular order:

Boing Boing (misc)

Slate (for many things not including politics)

Grantland (in-depth sports writing)

Fansided (sports)

Entertainment Weekly

Kirkus review of books

Barking up wrong tree

Panda's Thumb (science)

First Things

Badass Digest

Thought Catalog



S.F. Gate

National Geographic

Stack Exchange (multiple topics)

DIY network


Sotheby's real estate

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