Tuesday, May 28, 2013

You want to create this perception

The city of D.C. has taken $28 million off people by use of traffic cameras in one three-mile stretch of road.
“You want to create this perception that, at any time in any place, you can be apprehended for running a red light or speeding,” McCartt said.
Actually in this and other contexts, I don't want cultivation of a feeling like that to be the goal of government, and I don't want law enforcement power to be used as a revenue generator.


  1. It's very sad to me that no one protests this insanity.

    I think, perhaps, one of the reasons no one does protest is because there is no word, that I know of, for this kind of all-encompassiing government encroachment.

    The kind where everything that is not permitted is against the law, and every space that is not absolutely private, is perfectly public, and anyone can be brought down for anything at any time.

  2. Yeah it's too bad there's no famous distopian novels about such a society.